Referral Friend Bonus

Referral friend bonus get more benefit.

Share Us To More People, You Can Get More Benefits

Players will have a unique URL link to refer friends. As long as you use this link to share with more people, when the people you share with join us because of your sharing, your friends will become your downline. You will get a lot of benefits because of your downline.

There will be Free Credit for referral rewards, and these Free Credit can be exchanged for game points, allowing players to bet on casino games without make deposit.

Many Ways To Claim Free Credit By Referring Friends

The number of friends you recommend will be accumulated, and the reward will be redeemed when the goal is reached. In addition, you can also get rewards when your friends deposit to bet on casino games. There are more referral friends rewards so you can get endless Free Credit. Don't miss it!

Refer more friend and you can get more bonus.

Bonus For Reach The Target Number of Friends

The more friends you referred, the more Free Credit you can claim with the set target. Accumulate the number of your friends to get more bonuses.

Refer Friend Bonus. Your friend deposit. You get free credit.

Your Friend Play. You Get Free.

You can claim Free Credit as a reward every time all your referral friends make deposit and bet on the game. So the more your friends bet, the more rewards you will get.